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Vanished off the face of the earth…

It feels like it’s been years since I last uploaded a post and to my dying embarrassment it has been! Well, almost. Well about a year. Oh my. In my defence, yerhonour, I’ve been working hard at my day-job, paying … Continue reading

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A title quest – the next Elementals book

I’m struggling for a title. I have a title but because it’s also the title of an 80’s pop song by Echo & the Bunnymen – and a quite unusual title – I won’t be able to use it. I … Continue reading

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The Death of Grass by John Christopher

The Death of Grass is one of the darkest, most wonderful novels I’ve read in a long time. Written in 1956, it still feels very fresh – especially with the  news recently full of the horrendous flooding in the Somerset … Continue reading

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