Vanished off the face of the earth…

Cirrus face-smallIt feels like it’s been years since I last uploaded a post and to my dying embarrassment it has been!

cloud dragonWell, almost. Well about a year. Oh my. In my defence, yerhonour, I’ve been working hard at my day-job, paying the rent, and plugging away at the next elementals book. Along with Jake & Stone we have some new characters, Cirrus & Alex Gardner and a newish elemental, Cloud. We’ve met her before, but don’t know much about her until now. She’s a nebulous, complex character and writing her has been an on-off love affair because she’s been so tricky to get a hold of – she is cloud after all. I’ve included some draft cover/Cirrus images to give you a sense of the character of the book but if you have any photos of Cloud Dragons (like this slightly ponderous Cloud, trying to get into the frame) do send them in and I’ll post them up to the gallery.

The book should be out in autumn published again by Stonewood Press. Here’s a wee snippet:

A small Texas town slept in its aluminium-sided houses. A few lights shone brightly in the kitchens and dens of insomniacs and early-birds. The time was 4.15 AM Central Daylight Time, and thousands of miles away Jake Walker was stumbling home, aching from hours of training.

The cloud elemental sensed the storm’s supercell hundreds of feet below her; a thunderstorm that if left unchecked would become a raging tornado in seconds. Timing was everything. She felt the air surging around her, tugging at Cirrus on her back.

‘It is time, elskan.’ The elemental’s voice was the whisper of heat rising.

Cirrus adjusted her scarf and blinked cold tears from her eyes. Thermals and updrafts broke up into speed and light: the surrounding colours were the infra-reds of heat, the ultra-blues of frozen vapour. She stood up and readied herself on the dragon’s back. If she misjudged, she’d be sucked into the newly forming blackness of the storm. She shook the thought from her mind, what use was fear in her line of work?


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I live in Northamptonshire in the UK and I'm surrounded by fields and forests and smallish towns. I'm the author of Dark Peak (Stonewood Press, 2012), a science fantasy set in the Peak District.
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