Stonewood Press

Stonewood Press logoStonewood Press is a relatively newly established independent publisher based in the East Midlands, UK. At the moment they have a very small list of books – including my own Dark Peak – and will be bringing out more over the next twelve months. They publish poetry and  contemporary fiction with an emphasis on new writers. They aim to develop their list by nurturing new talent from around the world. The books are designed in-house to a very high standard by Martin Parker from Silbercow (has worked with Tate Modern, London Zoo and The Refugee Council among others) and reflect the care and attention Martin (who’s also the publisher) gives to the literary art form.  The end papers of ‘A notebook in hand’ by John Rety are just genius!

Stonewood’s writers include me, Jacqueline Gabbitas, John Rety and the editors of Brittle Star Magazine. And to add to this over the coming months, there’ll be Preetha Leela Chockalingam, Anna Robinson and a mysterious anonymous writer. Intriguing…

Like most independent publishers, Stonewood Press has started off small but is gaining a loyal following through their launches and reading events. Their website is, their Facebook page is Stonewoodpress and you can follow them on Twitter @stonewoodpress